Your Pets are Our Family!

Do you stress about who's going to take care of your pets while you're away?

Do you hate asking friends or neighbors to watch your pets while you’re on vacation or a business trip?

Waggy’s Pet Sitting has the ultimate in-home, cage-free boarding solution for you!


Waggy’s Pet Sitting is a locally owned Pet Sitting and Private Dog Boarding business based in Folsom, CA with multiple locations to care for your pets in the most loving settings available.

Why Choose Waggy’s Pet Sitting?


Your pet will stay at a private home with all of the comforts he’s used to. Traditional boarding facilities can be intimidating and frightening to pets, but with Waggy’s your dog will feel right at home.


All of our sitters are fully investigated, bonded and insured (unlike nationwide web-based sitters). We hire only the most high quality, loving pet-sitters in the Folsom/El Dorado Hills area.


Our sitters treat your furry family member like one of their own. Our customers have peace of mind knowing their pet is at a home away from home.


Your pet will never be crated and is allowed to roam free in our sitters’ homes and yards.


Waggy’s has pet sitters who specialize in small dogs and large dogs. We offer free consultations to determine which of our sitters will best suit the needs of you and your pet.


Your pet will be in a home with other furry friends and our sitters are with them most of the time.


Exercise is an important part of a dog’s day and we guarantee your dog will get plenty of exercise walking and playing with other dogs and their sitter. Our customers have frequently commented that their dogs are blissfully exhausted when they return home.


Waggy’s offers long term boarding and doggie daycare in private homes, as well as, pet visits in your home.


We offer excellent customer service and are happy to provide you with updates about your pet while you are away.

We know you have choices when it comes to who you trust with one of your most important family members, your dog or precious pet.

Here at Waggy's Pet Sitting Service, we believe in giving your beloved animals the same treatment, love and tenderness they would receive in your home, and we understand how nerve racking it can be to leave your beloved pets while you're away. That's why Waggy's is designed to be a home away from home, and we want nothing more than for you to have a worry free vacation.

Our professionally trained pet sitters treat your dogs, cats or small pets like part of our family. We specialize in cage-free private dog boarding in the home of a professional pet sitter - this means your furry friend is free to sleep or play in a comfortable home.

Waggy’s currently has in-home pet boarding in Folsom, El Dorado Hills, and Cameron Park.

Waggy's will also take care of your pet in your home while you're away. At the same time, we will ensure your home's security (for Folsom and El Dorado Hills Residents Only).

So, if your pet is 4 legged, scurries, slithers or flies, Waggy's will

take care of them for you!

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